Is Invisalign As Effective as Braces?

Is Invisalign As Effective as Braces?

Oct 01, 2020

When making an appointment with a skilled orthodontist near you, there are plenty of questions that strike your mind. What type of braces looks best on me? how Invisalign® differs from conventional braces? How long do I need to wear them?

Both Invisalign® and braces are built to straighten teeth, there are certain differences between them. Braces have been around a long time with us. They are fixed onto the teeth and are effective at treating challenging bite issues. You can opt for clear, metal, or colored braces. It all depends on your personal preference and your needs. They cause issues with your overall mouth comfort and oral hygiene.

Invisalign® is much more effective than traditional braces. They are invisible and removable. Nowadays, the orthodontist scans the mouth of the patient, then the orthodontist and Invisalign® expert work together to create a perfect treatment plan. They straighten the teeth using photographic and x-ray images.

A set of computer-made trays is worn 24*7 in a day with the change after every two weeks. There are also trays available that last for six months to one year. Wearing Invisalign braces also offer tons of comfort because it does not affect your speech. Perform a dentist near me Google search to find the best dental expert close to your location.

Why Choose Invisalign® Over Braces?

Here are the perks of choosing Invisalign®, unlike traditional braces:

Looks Appealing

A clear set of aligners look much more attractive than metal braces. It does not make your mouth full of metal. Although traditional metal braces also come in attractive shades, they look quite unattractive. The trays used to straighten teeth are made using tailored and clear thermoplastic material. Thus, people around you only notice your best smile. Since there is no age restriction, adults mainly prefer this orthodontic treatment.

Offers Comfort

Invisalign® is basically more comfortable to wear because there are no brackets or wires and sharp edges that can cause pain or cut in the mouth. They smoothly rub against your gums also do not irritate your mouth. These trays put gentle pressure on the teeth, unlike conventional braces. The biggest benefit is that the trays are invisible. This makes users feel comfortable in every situation.


Invisalign® aligners are easy to remove while brushing teeth, flossing, or eating food. You cannot do all that with braces installed. But make sure you do not eliminate the trays on a constant basis. It is because this can disturb the whole teeth straightening procedure and make it ineffective.

Allows You to Eat Anything

Eating your favorite food using traditional braces can be quite challenging. Food often gets stuck in the metal. Sticky, hard, and chew foods re also a big no after you install them from a dentist in Frisco TX. But Invisalign® lets you consume food you want. Moreover, you don’t need to concern about the food particles gets stuck in it. Just pop them out while consuming forbidden food.

Require Less Maintenance

Invisalign® aligners also need minimal maintenance. They can get dirty with time. You can maintain them by cleaning using a toothbrush soaked in the tiny amount of water and bleach. Just scrub it gently for one or two minutes to evade stains and dirt. Make sure you do his every other day of use.

Improve Health

Typically, patients develop calcium deposits on the front teeth after orthodontic treatment. These deposits are visible when you eliminate braces. Poor hygiene habits associated with braces also leads to serious issues later on. Clear aligners are much more effective when it comes to oral health. With it, you can practice good oral hygiene. This makes you less prone to serious gums diseases throughout the teeth straightening process.


For most adults and teens that want to straighten their teeth without the disgrace of metal braces, Invisalign® is an excellent alternative. Although it takes the same amount of time as braces, a set of clear aligners is minimally invasive. The majority of orthodontic patients complete their treatment in 6 to 12 months on average. It can also conceal existing gaps in the teeth and offer other perks.

Schedule a quick consultation at Promont Dental for custom-made Invisalign® clear aligners. Whether you are struggling with gaps between teeth or crowded teeth, this amazing dental device can help you shift your teeth in any direction you want.