Tooth Extraction Services 

Tooth Extraction Services 

Dec 12, 2019

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves removing a tooth from the root. The procedure can be performed on anyone, regardless of age. When it comes to children, tooth extraction is not entirely a big deal, since the milk teeth have to be removed gradually. In most cases, the children may not even require a dentist to perform the extraction.

However, for adults, tooth extraction is a little more serious. Adult teeth do not grow back when removed. Further, most dental works are performed with the aim of saving the natural tooth and increasing its longevity for as long as possible. It is not every day that a dentist will recommend the removal of an adult tooth.

When Do You Need a Tooth Extraction?

When you visit our dental offices, a dentist will check your teeth structure to ensure their excellent health. Whether you have pain complains or are experiencing other dental problems, tooth extraction will not be the first treatment option, unless under certain situations. Such circumstances include:

  • Deep decay – severe tooth decay may have no other remedy than extraction. If you allow the cavities on your teeth to sit in for too long, the problem advances. With time, the decay on the affected tooth will cause the entire tooth to be severely infected, as well as the surrounding tissues. At this point, most patients complain of extreme toothache, swelling, migraines, among other problems. Our dentist will resolve for tooth extraction as the best way to correct the problem.
  • Cracked tooth – some cracks on teeth have no great consequence. They can quickly be fixed with dental veneers, among other solutions. However, after a serious injury, a cracked tooth can cause advanced problems. For example, the crack can cause pressure on the bones or the gum tissue. In other situations, the crack can lead to the breakage of a big part of the tooth, leaving small bits and pieces. Such is a disaster in the making. It is why a dentist in our offices will recommend an extraction to fix the tooth.
  • Crowded mouth – a crowded mouth results from the jawbone being too small for the sizes of teeth. This means that all 32 adult teeth cannot properly fit in the mouth. Other than being a cosmetic challenge, it causes other dental problems like cavities, bad breath, and plaque build-up, among others. While orthodontic Intervention is the best way to correct the situation, tooth extraction may be necessary. It removes one of two teeth that are obstructing other teeth. This will create sufficient room for the rest of the teeth to align properly on the arc of the mouth.
  • Anomalies of the wisdom teeth – wisdom teeth are a set of adult teeth that grow later in life. They make the third molars in adult teeth and grow between the ages of 16 and 25 years. A wisdom tooth may not grow as normal as other teeth. It can grow in different directions, sometimes towards the second molar. This can introduce other complications like pain and discomfort, misalignment of molars, among others. After an x-ray a dentist may recommend the extraction of problematic wisdom teeth, to improve the comfort of your life.
  • Gum disease complications – advanced gum disease can sabotage the stability and strength of teeth. The disease causes recession of gum tissue, which leaves the roots of teeth exposed. Sometimes, the damage of the infection can weaken a tooth too much that it needs to be removed. Such a case can only be conclusively determined by a dentist or periodontal expert.
  • The risk of infection – if your dentist suspects a risk of any of your teeth being infected, it can lead to its removal. Some medication and treatment procedures, for example, chemotherapy, can put our teeth in compromise. Such situations may necessitate the removal of the affected tooth.

Benefits of Tooth Extraction

Other than taking care of some of the dental issues mentioned above, some benefits of tooth extraction include:

  • Cosmetic elevation and orthodontic advantage – especially in cases of a crowded mouth
  • Restoration of teeth functionality – some dental situations might deter you from going about day-to-day functions, including chewing.
  • Pain alleviation – the discomfort that comes with decayed teeth or misshappened teeth can be taken away with a tooth extraction procedure.