5 Foods and Drinks to Avoid after Whitening

5 Foods and Drinks to Avoid after Whitening

Jul 01, 2019

Congratulations on your new dazzling smile! Chances are you’re already receiving a ton of compliments and head turns after your teeth whitening procedure. So many, in fact, that you may be wondering about ways to prolong the amazing benefits from professional teeth whitening. If so, keep reading to learn some tips and tricks to help maintain that award-winning smile for as long as possible!

First Things First: Follow Your Dentist’s Instructions for Follow-up Care

Chances are that you were surprised at how easy – and quick! – a whiter smile can be after your whitening appointment, but maintenance of your new smile can take a little more commitment. The best advice is to follow the instructions that your dentist in Frisco provided based on the type of professional whitening products that were used. If those instructions included routine follow-up or touch-up appointments, take time right now to schedule them and get them inked on your calendar!

Now, Onto Other Important Matters…

Your professional tooth whitening was probably a little bit of a financial investment for you to choose over less expensive – and less effective! — options such as at-home whitening kits. And just like anyone whose made an investment, you want to protect it. Give your smile the life-span it deserves by remembering these five food and drink tips to adhere to immediately after your whitening appointment:

  • Refrain from coffee and tea for the first 48 hours after your procedure. If you must get caffeine, we suggest using a caffeine supplement for the first two days after treatment.
  • You may feel like celebrating your new smile with a big glass of red wine…but don’t! And really, you should try to refrain from drinking red wine again since it is a leading cause of tooth staining.
  • Everyone loves chocolate…except for your newly whitened smile! While dark chocolate has some amazing health benefits, try to avoid eating it for the first week after your teeth have been whitened.
  • Sauces, gravies, and marinades can taste super-yummy, but they can also result in staining to newly whitened teeth. Your dentist will advise you on best practices for food items such as these, but in general they should be avoided as much as possible.
  • It’s a fact that acidic foods such as citrus fruits, pickles, and soft drinks increase the acidity of your saliva. And when your acid-reinforced saliva meets your freshly whitened tooth enamel, you’re looking at a recipe that could not only weaken your tooth enamel, but result in sensitivity and pain, as well.

Ready to Get a Whiter Smile in Frisco TX?

The dental care team at Promont Dental Design will provide you with all the information you need to not only achieve the white smile you’ve been dreaming of, but to help you take care of it for the long run. Make an appointment today to learn more.