Same-Day Dental Implant

Same-Day Dental Implant in Frisco, TX

Dental implants are a great option for restoring missing teeth, not only because they have the highest success rate of all tooth replacement options, but they can also last a lifetime (when properly placed and maintained) without any need for replacement. Promont Dental Design in Frisco, TX offers this treatment to restore smiles to our patients. We also offer a one-stage implant procedure to cut down on your treatment time.

Benefits of same-day dental implants

The most obvious benefit of a same-day dental implant treatment is the time you save. Rather than having two separate appointments (at least) over several months, you can have your implants and teeth restoration placed in just one office visit. This cuts down on both the time you spend at the dentist and the time you spend with missing teeth. Additionally, your gums may fit better with a same-day implant than a traditional one. Because the crown or overdenture is placed onto the implant right away, the gums will likely grow around it, creating a more natural look. Tissue remodeling may be needed in this case, however.


Your doctor may do several diagnostic tests in preparation for the surgery. These include x-rays, a CT scan, and taking photographs of your mouth. Using this information, your dentist will create a blueprint of the procedure so that everyone knows where the implants will go. For the surgery itself, you will be anesthetized first, usually with a form to put you to sleep for the procedure, though a local anesthesia can be used if you prefer. The implants will be placed in the jawbone following the blueprint. Once the surgery is complete, the crown will be attached to the implants.

Following the implant procedure, you will likely experience some pain and discomfort as the anesthesia wears off. You will receive pain medications to help deal with this, as well as pain-relief remedies, such as ice packs.

Dental implants in Frisco, TX

If you feel that same-day implants may be for you, make an appointment at Promont Dental Design for a consultation in Frisco, TX. It should be noted that not all patients will be a candidate for the procedure, but we will examine your mouth thoroughly and make the best recommendation for your situation.