Root Canals

Root Canals in Frisco, TX

Have you been told you have a severely damaged, decayed or infected tooth? Are you recently experiencing tooth sensitivity or a toothache? Is one of your teeth appearing dull or darkened? At Promont Dental Design we are proud to offer root canals in Frisco for our patients that are experiencing a compromised tooth pulp/root and are interested in saving their tooth. Not quite sure if Frisco root canal treatment would be the best option for you and your smile? Feel free to schedule a consultation with Promont Dental Design, we would be happy to determine if a root canal is best for you.

About Root Canal Treatment

At Promont Dental Design we are dedicated to protecting our patient’s smiles and preserving their teeth. The ultimate goal of root canal treatment is to access the root canal of the affected tooth, removing any infection, decay or bacteria that is present. Root canals are often a last resort treatment option to avoiding the extraction of a problematic tooth.

Why Root Canals?

When decay, infection or damage reaches the tooth root/pulp it can actually cause some serious symptoms and problems. Along with sensitivity and pain caused by the compromised tooth root, infection is also highly likely. Left untreated, an infected tooth root can actually become a much more serious problem, potentially leading to sepsis (an infection of the blood that can become fatal). Due to the fact the mouth is extremely vascular, bacteria can easily travel through the entire body, even reaching the heart.

Frisco Root Canal Treatment

During root canal treatment in Frisco, your dentist will first create a tiny hole in the tooth, allowing them to access the root canal and pulp of the tooth. Once access has been created, your dentist will thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire area prior to sealing it.

Following a root canal, a dental crown is recommended. A dental crown can improve the appearance of the affected tooth while also improving the strength and support.

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