Pinhole Surgery

Pinhole Surgery in Frisco, TX

Periodontal disease comes with some negative consequences. One of these is gum recession, which is caused when infection in the gums leads to deterioration of tissues and possibly loss of teeth if treatment is not received. Promont Dental Design in Frisco has several years of experience with treating periodontal disease is all stages, from gingivitis to more advanced stages.

A revolutionary treatment for gum recession is pinhole surgery, also known as a gum lift or gum rejuvenation. Your dentist will make a small hole in the tissues of your gum with a needle. Instruments that have been specially designed for the procedure will be used to loosen the tissues and guide them so that they cover the exposed areas.

One thing patients love about this surgery is that it is minimally invasive – no incisions are made, and no sutures are needed. You may still feel like you’ve had surgery, as there is a possibility of some pain, bleeding, and swelling. However, the results are instant, and you won’t be disappointed in your newly rejuvenated smile.

Promont Dental Design can give you a smile you are proud of with pinhole surgery performed by one of our highly experienced dentists. With our dental team taking care of your oral health, your teeth can last a lifetime.

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