ClearCorrect Provide a Clear Advantage Over Other Alternatives in Frisco, TX

The truth is that we all like to have choices when it comes to self-improvement. What works for one person may not work for the next. This is true whether you’re trying on clothes or perfumes and aftershaves. That’s why Promont Dental Design is proud to offer ClearCorrect aligners to Frisco patients who want to explore improved ways to enhance their smile.

All Aligners are Not Created Equal

Just as you may have found over the years that your hair care responds better to one product over another, we’ve found at Promont Dental Design that some smiles respond better to ClearCorrect aligners than other products on the market. The best way to learn if you’re spending your money wisely is to schedule a consultation with a professional and caring member of our staff at Promont Dental Design for an evaluation.

Traditional Braces May Not Be Needed

We’ve found in our years of helping countless patients in Frisco that a smile can be corrected with the help of ClearCorrect aligners opposed to having to undergo the cumbersome, embarrassing, and sometimes painful treatment of traditional braces. Whether your considering traditional metal or ceramic braces, there’s a good chance that ClearCorrect aligners can perform the same straightening without all of the hassle. It’s easy to find out whether or not you’re a good candidate for ClearCorrect aligners. Simply make an appointment now to learn more!

ClearCorrect Aligners: A Win-Win for Performance and Budget

It’s rare to find performance and cost-effectiveness from a single product, but ClearCorrect aligners offer both. In fact, ClearCorrect aligners have proven to be one of the highest performing and most affordable options in orthodontic care in Frisco.

Want an Additional Incentive?

ClearCorrect aligners are perfect for patients of all ages. Whether you’re reading this because you want to help your child achieve a picture-perfect smile as an adult or you want to make improvements to your own smile, ClearCorrect aligners have a clear advantage since they can be worn discreetly and removed when needed. At Promont Dental Design we know you have a choice. That’s why we’re committed to provide all of our patients in Frisco with the highest quality care, service, and products available. Make your appointment today to learn more!