Signs That You Need a Root Canal Treatment

Signs That You Need a Root Canal Treatment

Sep 01, 2019

It is only your dentist in Frisco who can determine that you need a root canal procedure. The dentist also decides a thorough evaluation process that consists of x-rays and clinical testing of the tooth.

What is Root Canal?

A root canal treatment is used for eliminating the bacteria from the infected root canal and stopping the infection from spreading further. Our teeth are vulnerable to decay and cavity and when the decay happens, it reaches the inside of the tooth over the period of time. If left untreated, the decay can make your tooth infected. It then becomes necessary to remove the infected pulp from the tooth so that it can be saved from further damage. An infected tooth either falls off or needs to be extracted because of immense pain and damage so that the infection doesn’t spread further.

If your dentist or endodontist asks for getting a root canal done, there is nothing to worry about. Millions of people get the treatment done and save their teeth from damage. The root canal helps in relieving the pain and makes your teeth healthy again. Also, the present-day root canal treatment is not like the earlier days. It has become quick and painless, just like getting fillings, which can be done in two appointments. However, it also depends on the condition of your tooth and the other factors.

It is said that your natural tooth should be saved for as long as possible as there are many benefits of having your natural tooth intact. It helps in chewing efficiently and retains the normal biting and chewing force. It gives you a natural appearance and prevents strain on other teeth.

Root Canal Symptoms

  • If you have cracked or chipped teeth, it is a sign that you need root canal procedure. The teeth can get chipped or cracked because of chewing or biting on hard foods. If a tooth gets cracked or chipped, it can expose the nerves beneath the surface of the tooth and lead to infection. Infection in the tooth’s root can enter the bloodstream and spread further. The untreated infection needs a root canal for preventing infection and pain.

  • If you have been experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold beverages and food, it is a sign that you need a root canal. When you have an infected tooth, hot and cold beverages can cause pain.

  • Another sign that you need root canal treatment in Frisco, TX is swelling in gums. It is an indication that there is a problem beneath the surface of the gums. Painful and swollen gums with bumps are a sign of infection and a root canal may be needed.

  • Often discoloration of a tooth is considered as a sign of poor oral hygiene or having staining food items, but it can also be a sign of nerve damage beneath the tooth’s surface. When nerve and blood vessel damage occur, the dentist can schedule an appointment for the root canal for removing the damaged root.

  • If your teeth are deeply decayed, the root canal is the only solution as no amount of brushing or flossing will help in removing the decay.

Root Canal Procedure

The root canal procedure involves cleaning the infected pulp from the tooth. The dentist will first drill a hole in the tooth. He will then clean the tooth by removing the infected pulp from the tooth. Once the infection is removed, he will sanitize the canal and fill it with gutta-percha. The final step in the procedure is sealing the hole and placing a crown if needed. The tooth becomes weak and brittle after the procedure and hence it is important to place a crown to strengthen it.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

The procedure doesn’t hurt, as the patient is under the effect of anesthesia. Even when the sedation wears off, you won’t feel much pain as the dentist will prescribe OTC pain killers for managing the pain. You will need to follow some precautions such as having softer food items for a few days and keep away from smoking. Following the instructions given by the dentist will help in healing faster.