Why Prefer a General Dentist Over a Specialist?

Why Prefer a General Dentist Over a Specialist?

Jan 01, 2021

When was the last time you visited your dentist for routine exams and checkups? If it’s been quite some time, you must schedule an appointment with a dentist near you immediately without thinking you need help from a specialist for any reason.

You may think the dentist in Frisco is a general dentist who only provides primary dental care. However, why would you need the attention of a specialist unless you are experiencing a severe issue that needs complicated dental treatments? You may not think highly of a general dentist and believe specialists are better when dealing with any dental problem. You may be surprised to learn both professionals graduate from the same dental school, but one begins practicing as a general dentist. At the same time, the other specializes in different fields like endodontics, periodontics, and pediatrics. The additional qualification is what separates general dentists from specialists. Let us provide you some additional reasons why you must prefer a general dentist over a specialist.

The Benefits of Seeing a General Dentist

General dentists and specialists can both provide similar services. However, specialists work in a narrow field of dentistry, specializing in services and sticking to their specialty area. General dental health providers deliver a range of services, procedures, and treatments that do not call for specialized education. The primary difference between the two professions is their scope of care, responsibilities, skills, knowledge, and years of study.

General dentists began practicing immediately after completing four years of dental school. The specialists prefer to continue education for additional two or three years in the area of specialty chosen. After gaining the skills and training needed to perform complicated dental procedures, the specialists begin practicing in dentistry but prefer to concentrate on their field of specialty. Despite having the knowledge to provide all dental treatments, specialists work in the area they have specialized and leave the other patients to the general dentist in Frisco.

Why Must You Prefer a General Dentist over a Specialist?

Every dental issue does not need specialized attention, and most are managed by the dentist in 75035. Many dental treatments are routine in nature, and the costs for the treatments are affordable with general dentists. Most services provided by general dentists are covered by insurance providers, while many from specialists need patients to spend out-of-pocket for the treatment.

General dentists are readily available as they do not have long waiting lines because most practitioners are working in general dentistry. They have the experience necessary to provide a range of services starting from regular checkups, diagnostic procedures for treating oral infections, evaluating your teeth and gums for diseases, and treating damaged or broken teeth. They can also perform extractions, fillings, teeth whitening, and other treatments desired by patients to enhance the appearance of their teeth and smile.

Why Overlook the Services of a Specialist?

Dental specialists, after getting additional education and working in a narrow field, prefer to charge higher prices for their services and are usually not available to treat minor issues. In most cases, they refer you back to the Frisco dentist offering general services rather than waste their time with such procedures. They prefer to increase their revenue by concentrating on the field they have specialized. It is why you can, in most cases, overlook the services of a dental specialist.

What If the Dentist in 75035 Discovers You Have a Complicated Issue?

If you have a complicated issue that may have affected the root of your tooth needing root canal therapy, has assured the general dentist will refer you to an endodontist who has specialized in these procedures. If you visit the general dentist with a missing tooth, you will likely receive a referral to a periodontist specializing in replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

General dentists also have a long list of patients waiting to see them round the clock. As they offer all treatments relating to patients’ dental health, they receive various types of inquiries asking them to provide services like teeth whitening, dental bonding, crowns, and veneers. General dentists are not experts in cosmetic dentistry but have educated themselves on the needs of people and are prepared to offer various treatments as requested by their patients. It is why you must prefer a general dentist over a specialist for routine dental care.