Dental Extractions Become Necessary for Many Reasons

Dental Extractions Become Necessary for Many Reasons

Feb 01, 2020

Many people need to undergo dental extractions to remove teeth for reasons of excessive tooth decay, infections or crowding. Adults generally have a feeling that only wisdom teeth need to be attracted as suggested by their dentist. However, the reasons mentioned above can also make it necessary for them to have their permanent teeth extracted. People may consider it an exception but with the large numbers affected by oral infections dentists have little or no options but to extract teeth after attempting to preserve them in every way.

What Types of Dental Extractions Are Performed?

Two main types of dental extractions are performed by dentists. The first is a simple extraction and the second is a surgical extraction. Simple extractions are performed on teeth that are visible and are easily accessible. Surgical extractions require the dentist to make incisions into the connective tissue for accessibility to the tooth that needs to be removed. Both types are described in detail in this article.

Simple Dental Extractions

Even dentists located in your residential area can perform dental extractions near you to make the procedure convenient especially if you don’t have the time to visit your regular dentist for the procedure. It just involves removing the visible teeth in the mouth which can be conducted by general dentists within their dental practices. A local anesthetic is administered to numb the area to ensure the patient doesn’t experience any pain.

The affected tooth will be elevated by instruments designed for the purpose which dentists are equipped with. The tooth is loosened with an elevator before being grasped by forceps for the extraction. The tooth may be moved back-and-forth for breaking the periodontal ligament from the alveolar bone to permit extraction. It requires the dentist to apply controlled force on the tooth along with steady pressure with the dental forceps.

Dental Extractions of the Surgical Variety

Teeth that are not easily accessible inside the mouth will need surgical dental extractions. The teeth may not have erupted through the gums or perhaps impacted below the gum line.

Dental extractions in Frisco is performing such procedures regularly by making an incision into the connective tissue surrounding the tooth for access for the extraction. They need to elevate the soft tissues or may even remove some of the jawbone close by during the procedure.

In some cases, the tooth may be fragmented by the dentist in surgical extractions. They will then remove the fragmented tooth in pieces to complete the procedure.

Surgical dental extractions are more painful than simple extractions. Therefore the procedure is generally conducted in a dental hospital setting by the oral surgeon from dental extractions in Frisco, TX. However, it must be noted that in some cases general dentists are also capable of performing this procedure.

The Differences between Simple and Surgical Dental Extractions

Dental extractions of both types help to reduce the risks of complications such as inflammation, infection, and pain. Complications of other types that may be associated with both types of extractions are the following:

  • A dry socket may be caused by premature loss of blood clots that may occur after the extraction.
  • The healing may be delayed by medications such as bisphosphonates and corticosteroids which should be temporarily stopped before the extraction to reduce complications.
  • Secondary bone death may occur in patients that have received radiation treatment in the head or neck.
  • The remaining teeth in the mouth may shift leading to misalignment of the teeth and cause damage to the other teeth.
  • Changes in muscle contractions may be experienced because of the loss of the verticle dimension of occlusion or biting abilities.

Generally, dentists prefer to perform simple dental extractions whenever possible because they are easier to carry out and fewer adverse effects are associated than with surgical extractions. However, it is not a choice that is available to the dentist because a surgical extraction may become necessary if the tooth is not visible and the reverse would be true with the teeth that are visible and easily accessible.

The dentist conducting dental extractions in Frisco, TX, will examine the mouth of the patient before deciding on the type of procedure to suggest. Patients can, however, rest assured they will feel nothing but pressure from the extraction with minor discomfort affecting them after a surgical procedure which is a normal occurrence.