3 Major Reasons to Visit an Emergency Clinic

3 Major Reasons to Visit an Emergency Clinic

Apr 01, 2021

You never know when you might need emergency care. Sudden happenings could result in dental issues which would require urgent attention. When you are going through serious discomfort in your mouth, teeth, gums, you need to see a dentist near you. For extreme cases where regular clinics cannot give dental care to patients, emergency clinics are available.

Emergency Dentists Are Always Available

Usually, regular dental clinics have their opening and closing hours. Some regular clinics also have days off, while some don’t open their clinics on Sundays. Getting dental care from regular dentists requires an appointment that must fall within their working hours. This arrangement means that any dental issue outside their opening and closing periods would not be attended to.

However, emergency clinics provide round-the-clock dental services. Dental emergencies can occur at any time of the day or night. For most emergency dentists, you don’t need to make an appointment. Dental issues are treated as urgent and on a first-come-first-serve basis. You will find an emergency dentist in Waco whenever you have an accident that results in a dental issue.

Emergency Clinics Are Similar to Typical Emergency Rooms

Another aspect that sets emergency clinics apart from regular clinics is the equipment they have. Similar to a typical hospital’s emergency room, emergency clinics are typically more equipped than regular dentists. The need to equip their clinics comes from the unpredictability that arises in emergencies. Some of these emergency dentists have ready-made equipment for on-the-road services. These are cases where they might need to treat patients at the site of the accident.

Emergency Dentists Provide Dental Care for Complex Situations

Some emergency dentists are capable of carrying out dental surgery. Emergency dentists attend to the complex dental issues that regular dentists are unequipped to resolve. This is because part of their medical training as emergency dentists involves preparing for traumas. Serious dental injuries or blows could come with an unbearable amount of discomfort. This could lead to both physical and emotional traumas. Hence, emergency dentists are more prepared, well-trained, and equipped to handle more complex dental emergencies than regular dentists may not.

Dental Emergencies That Require Urgent Care

Although most dental issues look bad at first, they are not all dental emergencies. In general, any serious dental issue that causes much discomfort can be considered to be an emergency. Also, if there are signs of an infection, they can be categorized as emergencies. Here are some of the common dental emergencies that would require you to visit a dentist in Waco.

Tooth Loss and Lose Teeth.

A freshly broken or lost tooth can still be salvaged. After a long period, there may not be any way of saving the tooth. Thus, tooth loss should be treated as urgent, and they fall into the category of dental emergencies. Especially when the tooth loss results in severe pain, you must see a dentist near you at once.

Also, when you lose your teeth, there might be no severe pain or bleeding. Even in this case, there is a chance of saving the tooth or teeth. This is a dental emergency as any delay could risk the complete loss of the tooth. A loose tooth is a dental emergency as well. Seeing a dentist at an emergency clinic near you is a proactive measure. By doing so, the loose teeth can be saved before they fall off.

Excessive Mouth Bleed or Severe Discomfort

As a rule of thumb, an excessive loss of blood is an emergency. If an accident occurs, resulting in a major blow to the mouth, it could result in tooth loss. Also, this could cause a major mouth bleed which must be treated as urgent. You can never know the full extent of the injury unless you visit a dentist near you.

Next, if you experience severe pain in your mouth, gum, teeth, or any related tissue, it is an emergency. Excruciating pain could result in trauma which emergency dentists are capable of handling. Severe pain could also be a sign of an upcoming dental issue that your dentist can quickly diagnose.

Mouth or Tooth Infections

If you have an infection as a result of a dental problem, it is an emergency. Infections can come in the form of swelling in the mouth, face, or gum. A common example of infections in the mouth is an abscess. It is recognized by a swollen gum or mouth tissue filled with pus. Mouth or tooth infections are dangerous and can be life-threatening if not looked after immediately.

The best form of dental care is dental hygiene. Take care of your teeth daily to reduce the risk of tooth infections, loose teeth, or gum bleed. In case of an emergency, call a dentist at an emergency clinic near you.