Services and Treatments Provided by General Dentists

Services and Treatments Provided by General Dentists

May 01, 2021

A general dentist is a dentist who gives the primary dental care that you require. General dentists manage the patients’ overall needs concerning their oral health and offer preventive education. They offer diagnostic and preventive dental procedures that enable their patients to avoid problems caused by progressed oral diseases. This dentist ensures that you do not suffer pain or lose time and money because of your oral health. General dentists at Promont Dental provide dental care to patients of all ages. A visit to your general dentist in Frisco at least twice a year is recommended.

Services Offered by a General Dentist

  1. Develops an individually customized dental hygiene plan for their patients
  2. Discusses overall oral health of the patient and gives tips on maintaining good oral hygiene at home
  3. Offers preventive services and treatments
  4. Gives timely and appropriate treatments through emergency dentistry

Treatments Offered by a General Dentist

  1. Thorough dental examination

Dental exams by a general dentist are important for both your oral and overall health.

Some systemic diseases like diabetes, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis can be first detected through an oral exam. The dentist checks for risks of tooth decay, bone and gum disease, and root decay, among other periodontal diseases. The patient’s need for replacement and restoration of teeth is evaluated. A dental exam includes; dental digital x-rays, dental impressions, and an oral cancer exam.

  1. Professional cleaning 

The mouth of the patient is first examined to determine how to proceed with the cleaning. The dental practitioner uses a small mirror for guidance during the process. A device called a scaler is used to clean off tartar and plaque between the patient’s teeth and around the gum line. An electric brush that is highly powered deeply cleans the teeth removing any tartar left. Expert flossing and fluoride treatment complete the cleaning process.

  1. Sedation

Different types of sedation are offered to patients by the general dentist to help them relax and avoid pain during a dental procedure. Depending on the procedure scheduled, the level of sedation may be; deep, minimal, moderate, or general anesthesia.

Types of sedation offered at a general dentistry clinic are:

  • Oral sedation- a pill is administered by the dentist an hour before the procedure. It makes you dizzy, drowsy and you may fall asleep.
  • Inhaled sedation- laughing gas combined with oxygen is administered through a mask over the nose. It enables the patient to relax.
  • IV sedation- this is given to a patient through the vein. Sedatives are administered by an IV method. The dental expert can adjust the levels of sedation during the procedure.
  • General anesthesia –This medication is used to make the patient unconscious. This sedative is used during extensive dental procedures.
  1. Implants

A tooth implant is a metal root that enables tooth replacement. The dentist fixes implants for patients who have lost their teeth. Implants are suitable for providing a strong foundation for teeth replacement. Dental implants are preferred to bridges and dentures to replace missing teeth. This is because they are permanent and comfortable. They are not removed when eating and do not require the surrounding teeth to be altered for easy placement. Thus, improves the oral health of the patient.

  1. Invisible aligners

An invisible aligner is a clear, customized tight-fitting mouthpiece that slips over teeth. Aligners are used to correct crowded or spaced teeth, underbites, crossbites, or overbites. An invisible or clear aligner is customized through a digital scan to meet the patient’s needs. Their constant gentle force moves teeth into the correct position.

  1. Emergency dentistry 

General dentists provide emergency dentistry for dental concerns that require immediate attention. Issues like broken or knocked-out teeth are attended to with the urgency needed.

Emergency dentistry caters for dental emergencies like:

  • abscessed gums
  • swollen gums
  • broken, cracked, or knocked-out teeth
  • infections
  • soft tissue injury
  • pain in the mouth and
  • bleeding

Our teeth are extremely important to us. Anyone with oral health issues will not be able to confidently and comfortably face life. Due to constant use, our teeth and gums are susceptible to wear and tear. Regular visits to a dentist ensure that your teeth and mouth, in general, receive the required care. A general dentist restores your beautiful smile and your confidence. Make an appointment with a dentist in 75035, Frisco, for these and more services.